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Au Coeur des Vignes

Domaine Au Cœur des Vignes by Jean-Philippe Cousin


Jean-Philippe Cousin

Gourmet and authentic gastronomy in the heart of the Var

Estate Au Cœur Des Vignes • By Jean-Philippe Cousin • Gourmet and authentic gastronomy in the heart of the Var
Come and discover the warm and discreet charm of the restaurant Au Coeur des Vignes by Jean-Philippe Cousin nestled in the Var hinterland just a stone’s throw from Saint-Tropez and with easy access from the A8 highway in just a few minutes. It is an authentic and relaxing place, bathed by the sun of Provence, away from the hustle of the French Riviera and only a few steps away from its most beautiful beaches. In the heart of the Provence vineyards, you will quickly adopt this welcoming and exceptional place, both cozy and chic. In summer, you will embrace the brightness and the intense colors that make the fame of Provence. You will enjoy lunch in the wisteria shade or surrounded by pink and white laurel, in the shadow of our pergola. Unforgettable sunsets will highlight your evening dinners above the seemingly endless vineyards surrounding the Bastid. In winter, when the mistral starts to blow, allowing the sky to put on its deepest blue, the fireplace of our indoor reception room will warm you up. Here, the cuisine merges gastronomic tradition with refined modernity. The luscious treats, colorful like Provence, are elaborated with local and seasonal products. The constantly renewed menu will bring surprises with each of your visits while preserving the signature dishes of Chef Jean-Philippe Cousin that have contributed to his reputation.
Estate Au Cœur Des Vignes • By Jean-Philippe Cousin • Gourmet and authentic gastronomy in the heart of the Var
Estate Au Cœur Des Vignes • By Jean-Philippe Cousin • The magic of an Estate nestled in the vineyards

The magic of an Estate nestled in the vineyards

Estate Au Cœur Des Vignes • By Jean-Philippe Cousin • The magic of an Estate nestled in the vineyards
In 2020, Jean-Philippe Cousin embarked on a new adventure and created its 10th restaurant. Willing to merge all its past experiences, he decides to offer his clients a new place defined by gentleness and generosity: an enchanted interlude away from the hustle and bustle of the French Riviera, yet nearby the lively places that also enchant us: Sainte-Maxime, Saint-Tropez, Cannes or Monaco. A very unique place also devoted to the Arts. In search of genuine authenticity, he manages to uncover a gem in the Var countryside, at Plan de la Tour, where vineyards and hills offer an endless horizon. The Estate Au Coeur des Vignes is a place of exception, born from an irresistible crush for the soothing magic of a timeless environment as if set in the middle of the generous Provencal Riviera. In summer, you will find here a shelter from the frenzy of the seaside. In autumn, you will enjoy the tones of the vines and the forests that blush as the sun goes down. When the wind blows too strong in winter, you will warm up by the crackling fireplace. And when spring returns, Natu Here, you will feel far from everything yet so close. You can let go all year long, in step with the seasons.
At Au coeur des vignes, the product is King
The dishes are like paintings inspired by Nature. It all starts from the product and the plate. Chef Jean-Philippe Cousin elaborates his delicious treats like an artist who picks his canvas and colors. Your eyes will be charmed, and your sense of smell aroused before delighting your taste buds.

A generous and elegant cuisine

Gastronomy, sharing, and transmission are the core values of Jean-Philippe Cousin.

A disciple of Escoffier International, he offers you a cuisine ranging from tradition to innovation, always delicious and generous.

At the Estate Au Coeur des Vignes, you will find a refined cuisine and a warm and benevolent welcome. Jean-Philippe strives to allow you to live unforgettable moments of sharing and where you will enjoy traditional recipes with hints of original and innovative flavors.

He draws his inspiration from Nature and follows the rhythm of the seasons. Local products are the essence of his cuisine. Market gardeners, wine producers, fishermen of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez: Jean-Philippe selects all his partner producers with outstanding care. Their exceptional products allow us to create for you the most delicious dishes.

Like the land where it is settled, the restaurant Au Coeur des Vignes Estate offers Mediterranean and Provencal flavors akin to and inspired by the history of Provence and the French Riviera. The roots and influences come from Italy and Nice and blend the spices of North Africa to the products of the Mediterranean. So naturally, the fish dishes play a significant part in this traditional French gourmet cuisine.


Jean-Philippe Cousin offers a menu tuned with the seasons by remaining faithful to the product and magnifying what Nature provides. In autumn, sautéed porcini mushrooms take over the summer beef tomatoes, bluefin tuna, and Corvina give way to ducks and poultry. In the spring, young shoots and small vegetables lighten the hearty winter cuisine, and veal readily replaces beef.

Estate Au Cœur Des Vignes • By Jean-Philippe Cousin • A generous and elegant cuisine

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