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The Bastidons
Au Coeur des Vignes

Domaine Au Cœur des Vignes by Jean-Philippe Cousin


Jean-Philippe Cousin

The Bastidons Au Coeur des Vignes

The Estate Au Cœur des Vignes is also three Provencal bastidons, where you can allow yourself a serene break away from the hustle and bustle of the French Riviera. A genuine and refined peaceful haven in the middle of the countryside, the Bastidons Au Coeur des Vignes are nestled in the center of the vineyards of Provence, just a stone’s throw from Saint-Tropez, Cannes, or Monaco.

Let the cicada song sweep you away in summer, and enjoy the shade of the blooming wisterias. After enjoying a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, attending the Saint-Tropez regattas, or strolling the Provencal markets, you will cherish taking long relaxing walks thru the vineyards and the surrounding countryside.
Far from everything and yet quick to access, the Bastidons are the perfect location for an impromptu getaway that will allow you to let go for a few hours or a few days…

The Bastidons are apartments located on our estate that allow you to enjoy your stay in Provence in complete peace and quiet and at your own pace. You can dine in our Restaurant Au Coeur des Vignes or enjoy the summer kitchen at your disposal. We can also organize your picnics and guide you to pick the tours or recreational activities which could appeal to you during your stay in Var and Provence.

Each of the 3 Bastidons has its own identity. They reflect and are modeled after famous key figures of our beautifully magic Provence: Raimu, Frédéric Mistral, and Marcel Pagnol.

Domaine Au Cœur Des Vignes • Bastidon Raimu

Bastidon Raimu

The man from Toulon was Pagnol’s favorite performer and is linked forever to his life and work. So naturally then, he had to be next to Pagnol on our Estate!

Domaine Au Cœur Des Vignes • Bastidon Frédéric Mistral

Bastidon Mistral

Every facet of Frédéric’s life, from its dedication to protect and promote the Provencal identity to the eponymous wind, everything in Mistral contributes to defining the strong character of Provence, its traditions, its unique weather conditions, and the products obtained thereby.   

Domaine Au Cœur Des Vignes • Bastidon Marcel Pagnol

Bastidon Pagnol

The pergola’s wisterias are a reminder of “la Bastide Neuve” in the small village named La Treille, near Marseilles, where the young Marcel spent his most youthful years.

Le Boulodrome GaFer

Pétanque : the sport of reference in Provence!

Come and share a game of pétanque on our « GaFer » court, named after Jean Gabin and Fernandel.

Tow iconic figures to watch over our “boulodrome”, which name refers to the Production Company created by these two sacred monsters of the French cinema.

Jean Gabin, who was not lacking a good sense of humor, was saying it was better to combine their stage pseudos than their civil names … and for a good reason: Gabin’s real name was Moncorgé while Fernandel was Contandin

“Mon con” in English would translate into “you schmuck!”

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